Are Corsets the Same with Waist Trainers?

Waist corsets and waist trainers work the same, by wrapping your midsection using a big “belt”, with the goal of having an hourglass figure, temporarily and permanently. Aside from their influences in your comfortability and posture, both also possess health risks to your body. But even with these similarities, waist corsets and waist trainers are different in certain ways.

Waist Corsets

These are typically used to constrain and shape your body’s torso into a preferred shape for beauty or medical reasons. Most of them are made out of pliable materials like cloth or leather. They also have spring steel boning injected into their linings.7bccb314ea42b2d77ee722747d78be0b

To hold the corsets together, they usually have lacing at the back. If you use waist corsets for waist training purposes, this will cause your rubs to pull from their natural placement, resulting your organs inside to change position as well to adjust to the changes outside. This alone will give you countless health problems as simple as dizziness and headaches and as dangerous as broken ribs and increased blood pressure. In other words, using waist corsets is an extreme type of waist training for those who wants to drastically change the way their waist looks.

Waist Trainers

Waist trainers are undergarments which aren’t as noticeable as waist corsets, making it possible to wear under your clothes. Compared to corsets, waist trainers are more comfortable to wear for a long period of time. Instead of a spring steel boning, waist trainers have spiral steel boning which imposes less risk to your body. A waist trainer allows you to move your midsection comfortably. It also has a series of interlocks in front which clasps completely without causing damage, compared to negative effects of corset’s lacing.

Basically, waist trainers do not give you the same results waist corsets offer you in a short period of time.