If you have been longing for longer eyelashes or more full lashes then thank your stars for the progress that cosmetic surgery has done today. In a procedure that may take about two hours you can also flaunt eyelashes like the one that you always wanted. And yes, it is a permanent fix. So, there is no need for running to beauty parlors to get the sticky semi permanent ones done or trying to fix one of those temporary ones yourself. One time sitting and you are done for life. Exciting isn’t it?

permanent eyelashesPermanent eyelashes can be done by a lash transplant where the surgeon will have to administer anesthesia and transplant the hair from the back of your scalp onto the eye lash. Usually about a forty hair is enough to give a high definition eyelash to the patient. The eyelash so transplanted will have the characteristic of scalp hair and may need trimming to keep it from growing too long. You may opt to get the lash permed to give it a curled look and let it stop from growing too long.